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The Lettings Specialists, Surrey and Sussex

Getting the right price for your property

It’s important to get the price right. Pricing a property is not always straightforward. Too high and you will see little activity or worse you will continually receive unattractive interest.

Property Video Tours

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made property Video Tours absolutely essential to the marketing process, Knights are very happy to offer all our clients FREE Video Tours to enhance the value of service we offer to our clients.

Image Is Everything

In the presentation of property: Image is everything. Knights make sure its done right.

Standing out from the crowd

If you are thinking of renting your property the overwhelming odds are that your tenant will find out about your property by searching online.

Where we advertise

To ensure your property reaches the widest audience possible we advertise on the leading property websites.

Utilising Property Feedback

When gathering feedback it’s very important for an agent to first get a sense of perspective from the viewer.
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