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Buying as a Limited Company V Personal Ownership

Landlords can no longer deduct all of their finance costs from their property income. Landlords now instead receive a basic rate reduction from their income tax liability for finance costs. So, if you incur £5,000 mortgage payment interest, you will…

Powering through the Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has been a dreadful experience for us all, we have all suffered in one way or another and thankfully, it seems we are now coming out the other side of this terrible time. How did we fare during the Pandemic? and How did we prepare?

Why use the Knights Landlord Mentorship?

We know that many would-be landlords are very wary of the horror stories out there and may lack the confidence, time and knowledge required to recognise investment opportunities and buy with confidence.

Why Invest in Property?

If you buy an investment property and hold it for a period of time, the overwhelming likelihood is that you will make money on the capital growth of the asset, while making an income from the tenant. It has become a ‘no-brainer’ investment for millions of people in the U.K.
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