Getting the right feedback is vital

Knowledge is power

When gathering feedback it’s very important for an agent to first get a sense of perspective from the viewer. Everyone is different and has a different perspective. For example: If the person viewing hasn’t viewed any other properties and doesn’t know the area, their comments are far less valuable than someone who has viewed 20 properties and knows the area well.

Knights Tips
  • Try to listen to the feedback from a neutral perspective
  • If you hear the same thing over and over – do something about it
  • Be sure to understand the perspective of the buyer / tenant

Where we advertise
Feedback is a very powerful tool in the marketing of homes and needs to be treated and respected as such – many agents just see this as a form filling exercise but, it really is so much more. The feedback of buyers / tenants will tell you what you need to do in order to achieve your target; what else is available, how your property fares in comparison, what is it people like, what they don’t like etc.
There is a vast amount of information available and with experience it can be tapped into and communicated to our clients making the entire process much more transparent and simpler. 
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