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To start with an understatement: It’s important to get the price right. Pricing a property is not always straightforward. Too high and you will see little or no activity, too low and the property could be undersold!
So, it’s crucially important to strike the correct balance.
To state the obvious: The property must be priced in the same region as other properties relative to its size, condition & location; the comparable evidence. Try your best to look at the situation impartially and objectively. Our advice is to look at the hard evidence!
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Knights Tips
  • Seek the evidence of comparable property.
  • Don’t give in to greed.
  • Give thought to which pricing option would benefit you.

Stand out from the crowd
It’s also very important not be tempted to simply go with the agent that offers you the highest price as some agents will use this to secure new business and tie you into a lengthy sole agency agreement.  Then when you are stuck with them, they will work the price down over the next few months and you may end up selling at a lower price than you could have achieved at the start by getting the price right.
There are several pricing strategies available to sellers and landlords so don’t be blinkered and make sure you consider all the options available to you.
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