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Top Tips For Choosing The Right Letting Agents For Your Property

Regardless of whether you have one property to let or several, you need to ensure that you have the right support behind you. For landlords, this support often comes in the form of a letting agent. There are many factors to consider when choosing between letting agents West Sussex wide, and much depends on your individual requirements. But, here are some top tips to point you in the right direction.

The first step in choosing the right letting agents for you, is to know what it is you need from them. This provides you with a basis for your search, allowing you to immediately discount any company that does not provide the services you require. In general terms, there are three types of packages that are offered by West Sussex letting agents, which differ both in what they offer and in how much they cost. The most comprehensive package of services is usually referred to as ‘full management’. Here the letting agent takes on the majority of the work related to finding a suitable tenant, and then looking after them and the property for the duration of their time in the property. They will be responsible for drawing up contracts, collecting rent on your behalf and dealing with maintenance issues. This is the most expensive type of package, but it leaves you with little day to day concerns about your property. Another service package level would see the letting agents West Sussex being responsible for finding the tenant and rent collection. This is cheaper, but does leave you as the first point of contact for maintenance and any other ongoing problems. However, if you want to be extremely hands on with your properties, then you can also choose to use your letting agents as a simple tenant finding service.

Once you have found a letting agent that offers what you are looking for, it is important to look carefully at their fees and understand the structure that they use. Generally, fees are applied in one of two ways, either as a fixed fee or as a percentage of the rent that is charged to the tenant. The fee structure may be dependent on the service package that you are looking to use, and it is important to consider all your costs over the long term. Another important consideration is the reputation of any company that you are considering. Look for letting agents in West Sussex that are members of relevant trade organisation with a clear code of conduct. Such a code will govern how they deal with you as the landlord, and how they work with tenants. As they will be your representative with the tenant, this is essential to your good name and reputation. This is also a reason why you should consider a company that comes highly recommended by someone you trust. Talk to other landlords in the same area as you, or who have similar properties and find out their experience with their letting agents.

When searching for your letting agents West Sussex, don’t forget to consider any additional services or contacts the company may have. If they have links to local maintenance companies, or contact with reliable tradespersons, then this could benefit you over the long term.

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