Crawley Letting Agents: Which Is The Best Season To Rent Out A Property?

Crawley letting agents are among the first people you will want to speak to if you are planning to rent out your property. One factor you might be considering is the best time of year for putting your house on the rentals market. Sometimes, you have no say in the matter – if a tenant moves out unexpectedly, for instance. But if you can choose the timing, what is the best season to consider? A good letting agents West Sussex based can advise you based on their experience of the local market. A few handy tips follow.

Many West Sussex letting agents will tell you that spring is a great time to put a property on the rental market. With the expense and hassle of Christmas out of the way, people often feel more optimistic and keener to move onwards and upwards with their lives – that includes moving home! The weather will be milder and the days longer, meaning more people are willing to leave the central heating behind and start their property search. Better light and kinder weather conditions also help East Grinstead and Redhill letting agents show properties in their best light. Experience shows they will certainly be showing more properties in the period before the long school holidays start too.

Autumn is another good time to move house. Tenants’ summer holidays are out of the way; the children are back at school; and the weather is often still clement without being stiflingly hot. East Grinstead letting agents know that people who are looking for a new home will want to move fast, before winter and the stresses of Christmas come. However, whichever season you want to start renting your property, visit Knights Estate Agents ( for more information. Our friendly and expert team are always willing to answer your queries on 01293 855 355 or via email to