Letting Agents In Crawley Advise On The Break Clause In A Rental Agreement

Letting agents in Crawley are the first people to go to if you wish to either rent a property or lease one out. A good lettings agent works fairly for both tenant and landlord, ensuring that both parties are content. This includes organising the rental agreement which dictates the terms of the lease, including the amount of rent to be paid and what the tenant can and cannot do within the property. It will also set out terms for ending the agreement, such as a break clause. But what is a break clause and why ask your letting agents West Sussex based to draft it?

A break clause is essential in every tenancy agreement, and your letting agents in West Sussex or beyond can advise on the correct wording. The break clause allows either the landlord or the tenant the opportunity to end the rental agreement early during the fixed term if they need to. This could be six months into a 12 month agreement, for instance. The correct procedures must be followed, however; and there are exceptions. The landlord may not end the agreement within the first six months, unless using one of the statutory grounds for possession and serving a Section 8 Notice. It’s a complex area, and that’s why letting agencies Crawley based are best placed to draw up a tenancy agreement, including a break clause that will suit both parties.

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