Haywards Heath Letting Agents Can Offer Advice On Making Changes To A Rental Home

Haywards Heath letting agents, like letting agents West Sussex wide, will have come across every situation from landlords and renters before. Never be afraid to ask them your questions and they will do their best to assist you. One question you might have is about your rights to make changes to the property you’re renting, especially if you intend living there over the longer term. You will most likely want to decorate rooms, for instance, but you may be unsure as to what is acceptable. To avoid risking losing your damage deposit – or indeed your tenancy – check your tenancy agreement before starting work.

If the agreement is not specific on this point, never begin work on the décor or rooms without checking that it is permissible to do so first. Some landlords are more open to tenants’ requests to change aspects of the house than others. As a general rule, most will not allow permanent alterations to be made. However, they will accept redecoration or small changes to the fabric of the property, provided it can be returned to its original state at the end of your tenancy. Often, your West Sussex letting agents will be the proper conduit to your landlord. Whether that’s Haywards Heath or Dorking letting agents, they will liaise between you and your landlord to come to an agreement both are happy with.

If your initial proposals are not acceptable, why not personalise your property with little touches which can all be taken with you at the end of your tenancy? You could invest in modular storage, statement lighting and specialist removable wall stickers, for instance. Here at Knights Estate Agents, we are specialist Dorking, Haywards Heath and Horley letting agents and are always happy to answer your important questions. See our website at https://knightsproperty.co.uk and get in touch on either 01293 855 355 or info@knightsproperty.co.uk.