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Letting Agents Crawley

Knights – Letting agents Crawley wide act on behalf of landlords to smooth the way to renting out their properties and managing the tenancy while it’s running its course. It’s estimated that around 20% of households are renting in the private sector rather than buying their own home with a mortgage, and the numbers are rising as people find it harder to get on the property ladder.

So, it’s clear that there is a strong rentals market; however, that also means your property is in competition with countless others. The key to successful letting is selecting the right agent in the first place.

Why Landlords Pay Letting Agents West Sussex Wide To Manage Their Properties

Property is still one of the most stable forms of investment for individuals looking to maximise income from financial portfolios. It’s reliable and often gives the best returns over the longer term. So you, like countless others, may have joined the buy-to-let set, adding one or more properties to your portfolio to be leased out to others. At first glance, it seems like a relatively hands-off matter: find a tenant and let the income roll in. So why pay letting agents Crawley based or elsewhere when you could manage it all yourself? But that masks the sheer amount of legwork and stress involved, which good letting agents Crawley West Sussex wide will take on.

First, there’s the matter of finding tenants. Doing that yourself requires advertising the property in all the right places; meeting suitable applicants; checking their desirability in terms of credit and rent affordability checks, UK residency status; taking up references and so on. New tenants’ deposits must also be kept in a government-approved tenancy deposit scheme. Then, there’s ensuring the property complies with all relevant health and safety legislation – gas and electrical safety certificates and Energy Performance Certificate as a minimum. Once the tenant has moved in, you’re looking at frequent visits to check they are keeping the property in good order, not to mention dealing with maintenance issues; and a redecoration schedule if they’re long term letters. All this takes time, effort and money. Hiring letting estate agents Crawley based will take a great deal of weight off your shoulders by doing some or all of this, according to the deal you negotiate with them.

Knights Landlords are £1,000’s better-off in the long-term

As a direct result of the Tenant Fee Ban 2019 the cost to a landlord for establishing a tenancy has increased so, it’s crucial to secure good, long-staying tenants to protect you from having to spend out on tenancy set-up costs.

By having longer staying happier tenants you will also benefit from fewer void periods, less wear & tear and less investment in the property in between the tenancies where you may have to do some jobs. When you add of this together over a period of several years, you will be thousands of pounds better off, you will be less stressed and have more time to focus on what’s important in life.

So if you are a Landlord looking for a long, trouble-free tenancy, call Knights.

Valuable information every Landlords needs

Should you choose sole or multi-agency?

Should you choose sole or multi-agency?

We explore questions surrounding choosing the correct agency type as well as proposing our solutions.

Almost 150 pieces of law now affecting Landlords

Almost 150 pieces of law now affecting Landlords

NOT ALL LETTING AGENTS ARE REGULATED Is your agent keeping you safe and complying with the law? While there is no mandatory regulation of letting agents and landlords, there are…

Why Invest in Property

Why Invest in Property

In this video Ross Gardner M.A.R.L.A. co-owner of Knights, explores why property has become a ‘no-brainer’ investment for landlords in the long-term.

Want to invest in property, but don’t know where to start?

Introducing, Knights Landlord Mentorship

The Knights Landlord Mentorship is a unique consultancy service designed for novice and experienced landlords alike and it’s completely free of charge. Designed to help you build the knowledge and confidence you need in order to take charge of your property investment goals with total confidence.

A Showcase of Recent Success Stories

We source and screen the very best long-staying tenants to maximise income and minimise cost

We know that Landlords want long-term tenants who will look after your property, pay a fair market rent and respect the terms of the tenancy agreement. So, our operation is geared toward achieving this objective. The vetting and screening of prospective tenants is central to creating the best outcome for our clients.

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