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The Lettings Specialists, Surrey and Sussex

Powering through the Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has been a dreadful experience for us all, we have all suffered in one way or another and thankfully, it seems we are now coming out the other side of this terrible time. How did we fare during the Pandemic? and How did we prepare?

Almost 150 pieces of law now affecting Landlords

NOT ALL LETTING AGENTS ARE REGULATED Is your agent keeping you safe and complying with the law? While there is no mandatory regulation of letting agents and landlords, there are nearly 150 pieces of law affecting tenancies. If your agent…

How Knights produce industry leading results!

Bold statement, but let me explain. The average length of Knights tenancy from 2010 to 2020 was just over 33 MONTHS in length. This is over TWELVE MONTHS longer than the average for the South East of England, which is…

Getting the right price for your property

It’s important to get the price right. Pricing a property is not always straightforward. Too high and you will see little activity or worse you will continually receive unattractive interest.

Property Video Tours

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made property Video Tours absolutely essential to the marketing process, Knights are very happy to offer all our clients FREE Video Tours to enhance the value of service we offer to our clients.
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